When Niels and Merkus return to the Jungle to mine diamonds. Tarzan agrees to this as long as they leave the gorillas alone. Where Niels and Merkus are then threatened by Tublat, the banished aggressive bull-ape enemy of Tarzan and the rest of the gorilla family, who they capture and plan to make money out of him by selling him and caging him. Then When the gorillas find out that Tublat is gone, they celebrate, but Tarzan feels guilty and sets out to rescue Tublat because the jungle is his home too, despiting Terk's protests and the past conflict between them. He finds their camp desert, but Renard Dumont explains that Niels and Merkus are already on the train with a rogue gorilla. Tarzan reaches the train and frees Tublat, who then attacks him. After he leaves, Niels and Merkus are left to be killed by Tublat, but Tarzan decides that letting them kidnap Tublat is no better than letting him kill Niels and Merkus, so sets off to rescue them again, against Terk's advice. At the end of the episode, Niels and Merkus are very angry because they are leaving with absolutely nothing, whilst Tarzan is proud that it was the smart thing to do.