When a violent thunderstorm has Tarzan, Jane, and the rest of the gorilla family seeking shelter in nearby caves. they reach the cave where they believe that they are safe but they have chosen the same cave that the banished gorilla named Tublat now lives in seeking revenge against Tarzan. A flashback shows Kerchak fighting Tublat and eventually defeats Tublat but the aggressive bull ape then knocks Kerchak out unconscious and grabs a branch. But as Tublat prepares to finish Kerchak, a young Tarzan throws two coconuts at him and broke his nose, Tublat angrily attacks the boy, but Kerchak quickly steps in stops Tublat and banishes the aggressive ape. Kerchak then tells Tarzan that he is the one who protects the family and that Tarzan shouldn't have interfered. Meanwhile Tarzan and Tublat immediately recognized each other, Tublat tells Tarzan where Kerchak is Tarzan explains that he now leads the gorilla family since Kerchak's death. Where they then fight over leadership of the family by defeating the human leader and take over the family without Kerchak. Meanwhile Tublat gradually abducted ape after ape and put them in a pit, threatening not to release them until they agree to follow him as their new leader. Tarzan came back and he used his human cleverness to trick Tublat into going outside the cave during a hurricane. Where he managed to defeat him by pushing him down into a waterfall. But then Tublat escaped the waterfall and rampaged through the forest vowing to come back another day.