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Kala is a supporting character in the animated film Tarzan and its sequel. She is the adoptive mother of Tarzan.



Kala first found Tarzan after getting her son killed by a leopard named Sabor. She ends up raising Tarzan as a child and taking care of her until he grows into a boy. Tarzan, now a boy, usually cares for Kala and soon is advised to listen to the warning about humans said by Kerchak. Tarzan ignores the warning, causing Kala to be said to leave to England. Soon, Kala is captured by the hunters summoned by Clayton and Kala is soon rescued. Kala despairs with Tarzan about the misanthrope by Kerchak.

Tarzan IIEdit

Kala appears in the midquel Tarzan II. The film goes in depth into Tarzan's childhood. One night, at bedtime, before and after explaining to Tarzan about how different certain families can be, she ticklishly plays with his toes. An accident leads Kala to assume that Tarzan had died, and this news devastates her. Later on, she learns that Tarzan has survived but has run away, as he had overheard some gorillas talking about how glad they were that he was gone. Kala goes on a journey to find him. She finds Tarzan at the home of Mama Gunda, another female ape. Kala is able to convince Tarzan to come home, but she is attacked by Gunda's son Kago. Thankfully, Tarzan is able to rescue her, which helps Tarzan to realize that he is part of the family, Kala then returns home with Tarzan.

Tarzan & JaneEdit

Kala is seen only once near the end of the film during the anniversary.

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